Sunday, April 22, 2018

Slaves of the Earthlings

Why Not Games has published a new adventure for Rocket Age. This is the first adventure since taking over the product line from Cubicle 7.

Here's the website's description:
NEW Adventure! Slaves of the Earthlings: The Lincoln Brigade has been battling slavery on Mars, but a new evil has emerged. Where before the Brigade's elite Tubman agents have focused on freeing slaves and leading revolts, now they must battle those who would force freed slaves back into bondage. Will our heroes join this resistance to liberate the…Slaves of the Earthlings.
This Rocket Age episode sees our heroes racing against brutal slavers to stop the kidnappings of Julandri Courtesans, exploring the abandoned sections of the Martian city-state of Kostrast, and finally confronting the Red Scorpion backed slaving ring aboard a rocket ship bound for Earth.
Slaves of the Earthlings is available for purchase in PDF from

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