Monday, July 3, 2017

Why Not Games

Why Not Games is Ken Spencer's company that will be producing Rocket Age from here on out. The website appeared on Monday and it looks nice.

Why not indeed, and from that moment the plan for Why Not Games emerged. We are a collective of writers, illustrators, marketers, and more who just want to make games. Well, that and sell them to you. Also, play some games. Lots of games.

​We have a simple policy:

​Games should be fun. Yet, games are more than simply entertainment. Playing games helps to build cognitive skills, especially critical thinking. You can also learn much about history, science, philosophy, and the entire spectacular universe we live in by playing games.

​Any creative work, and this includes writing and drawing for games, has a message, a purpose beyond merely being fun or looking good. Ours certainly do, and we hope to spread liberty, equality, and fraternity with our games, and have fun while doing it.
Check out the website here.