Saturday, June 21, 2014

Battlefield Press's Vortex page

Battlefield Press Inc is the publisher of Pulp Fantastic. Here is their Vortex system page, which appears to be more of an page for just this one book at this time:
In the years after the Great War dawns a new age of heroic adventure!
From the gleaming spires of the big city, to the steaming jungles of Skull Island, brave men and women fight the forces of evil, carving their legends into the history of the 20th Century. It is an age of exploration and daring. An age of discovery, peril and mad science. It is the age of Pulp Fantastic!
Pulp Fantastic is a fast-paced game of action and adventure, where stalwart heroes face down dastardly villains, weird menaces and bizarre monstrosities in the name of all that is right and true!
Powered by the Vortex System (Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space and Primeval), Pulp Fantastic contains everything you need to create your own high-octane pulp adventures featuring masked avengers, mad scientists, gritty gumshoes or any other kind of pulp hero you can imagine. Included are a gazetteer and timeline of the Pulp Era, rules for creating vile villains and strange inventions, and a bestiary of monstrous creatures!
Adventure calls! Will you answer?

The name behind Battlefield Press is Jonathan M Thompson. His mission for the company is honorable. Here is the description:
About Battlefield Press, Inc.
Why did this company get started?
Battlefield Press, Inc. began as a way to help good writers to have their products circulated out into the market. Many products are out there that most companies don’t see because they are not willing to take the risk on an unknown, but here at Battlefield Press, Inc. we are willing to at the least look at your submission. There is no guarantee that we will publish your work. We might already have something like it in the planning stages.

Pulp Fantastic is a fine product. I hope we'll see more Vortex releases in the future from Battlefield.