Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vortex needs a logo

I like it when game systems have a creative and simple logo. Like the d20 system. True20 had a good logo, too. Something that appears in the corner of the back cover so one can immediately identify how to play the game. Vortex has been enjoying a pretty regular stream of support from the three lines from Cubicle 7- Doctor Who, Primeval, and now Rocket Age. But now there is even a 3rd party product released using the Vortex system, Pulp Fantastic. So I feel it's time for a logo.

What should the logo be? A couple of d6? That's what I use for my Vortex website.

The Vortex system has had an interesting and slightly humorous history. I refer to a different blog for that story...
The RPG system that first appeared in Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space and then in Primeval is to be used in the upcoming Rocket Age, which is not new news here. What is new is the system's name.

For a while, when DWAITAS first appeared, the system was fondly called... George. Later it was referred to as the Saturday Afternoon Tea Time Adventure System.

Looks like it is officially now called the Vortex System.

and more here...
 Re-reading the Doctor Who Adventures In Time and Space RPG books/boxes. I was reminded how much I liked it. Back when I first got into the game I recognized the system as something that could be used outside the Doctor Who setting.
Like most RPGs the character is made up of Attributes. (Awareness, Coordination, Ingenuity, Presence, Resolve, and Strength) which typically range from 1 through 6- 1 being nearly incompetent, 3 being human average, 5 is human maximum and 6 is supernatural. Unlike most RPGs there are no hit points. Instead when a character takes damage it temporarily comes directly from the Attributes themselves. This automatically makes characters suffer penalties from wounds or fatigue. Physical attacks would come out of Strength or Coordination or both, a head shot injury or a mental attack might reduce Presence or Resolve. Which ever makes the most sense.
This is not the first time damage comes out of the Attributes, it's been used in the Traveller game from Mongoose and Tunnel & Trolls had something like it, too. I'm sure there are others. This is just my first game using them. And I love it.
The other neat system mechanic that many people talk about for Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space, and thus George, is the initiative system. In this game the order of action in conflict or combat is 1. Characters that are going to talk go first. 2. Next are the characters that are going to move, run, crawl, etc. 3. The doers are next. and finally 4. the Fighters. It discourages combat and fits the Doctor Who setting perfectly. I'm not sure if this will carry over to
To best discuss that it seemed this game system needed it's own name.  This is how that turned out:
link to this Cubicle 7 forum discussion
I just find it hilarious because I've seen people still refer to it as the George System. I hope they continue 'cause I'm going to...
Jeffrywith1e: The game engine that powers Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space is great. I've heard that it will be used for an upcoming Primeval game. Does this system have a name?
Jeffrywith1eLets name it then. the DWAITAS system,  the Yes And Yes But system, the Talkers Runners Doers Fighters system- (this is what most focus on when reviewing), it seems, the Story Point system. I don't know. Anyone got something better? 
NeilFord : I don't believe it has a name, but if it really does need one, and I need some convincing on that, I would think George would be most suitable.       - Neil.
ImajicaI like George. It's perfect.
Kaemaril It's certainly a classic. 
coroneOne of the names we all liked was 'Vortex system' but that sounds too close to Cortex. My vote would go for Challenge system as its about how you choose to face each challenge situation rather than rollnig what you're told to roll.